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Why the iPad Won't Kill the Kindle

There are some who have called the iPad the Kindle-killer. Anytime a new device comes out that is similar to one that is already made, many speculate about which one will "win" becoming the dominant device. The iPad won't kill the Kindle.

Apple is definitely trying to compete with Amazon because they are launching iBooks but this device alone is not enough to end the Kindle.

First of all, some people love electronic ink. It looks like paper and is easy on the eyes. Not everyone wants a $500 or more device to read on a screen which they look at all day at work or while watching television. Electronic ink is easy on the eyes and some love it.

The iPad and the iPhone already run a Kindle application. There are no known numbers but many believe there are more iPhone users with the Kindle application than actual Kindles have been sold. This means that users of Apple products are some of Kindle's biggest market base. They already have the application and use it on the phone meaning many will end up still using the Kindle application on the iPad.

There are still Kindle exclusive ebooks. With the competition of other eBook readers on the market, Amazon has attempted to get Kindle exclusive titles. This means that the iPad users will still be purchasing these titles.

The only strategy Apple could take to try to hurt Amazon would be to literally have to cut their customers off of using the Kindle which would be a bad move as customers would not like the change.

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Amazon Kindle DX Can Replace Print Versions of Newspapers

With this release, Amazon proved that the market for portable equipment e-books remains huge. With the feature to display newspapers, magazines, textbooks, up to the novel, making this tool a mandatory tool for people who love to travel and want to read anywhere.

DX comes with a larger screen than its predecessor, the 7.9-inch (K-2 have amounted to six-inch screen). Interestingly, DX is equipped with Auto-Rotating Screen feature that can make the screen display is changed according to the direction you rotate the screen. Whether in the form of portrait to landscape (and vice versa). Auto-Rotating Screen feature can also be found on smart phones output Apple, iPhone.

Capacity provided to Kindle DX big enough, that is 4 GB. The capacity of this magnitude can store approximately 3500 books as much fruit. However, unfortunately Amazon does not add a memory expansion slot for Kindle DX. For battery life, Kindle DX was accompanied by a rechargeable battery which when fully charged can last up to two weeks.

Kindle DX also been equipped with a 3G network that allows users to access the internet anywhere. Amazon also has added features Native PDF. With these features, you can read all PDF document file.

Kindle DX will soon face competition from News Corp., Plastic Logic, Sony and San Francisco Chronicle. These companies are planning to create an e-reader. Kindle also must face challenges from smart phones, like the iPhone or the Blackberry, which offers the same features and can access the websites of newspapers and magazines for free.

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Amazon Kindle Vs iPad

E-Books have seen a surge in popularity in just a couple of years that other items take decades to achieve. Amazon was the first company that realized the importance of EBooks and introduced Kindle. They succeeded in tapping the potential of electronic books and now sell in millions. The popularity of Kindle prompted other players in the market to come up with their own versions of EBook readers but none of them have been able to beat the competition except for Apple.

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle have emerged as the two main competitors in the EBook market. Amazon Kindle comes with the option of having up to 1,500 EBooks uploaded onto its interface and you can read them on the go. It has E-ink display, dense pixilation, reflective screen, highlighting and bookmaking and dictionary, among other specifications. Despite all these functions, it is just an EBook reader. It does not have any other features.

Apple iPad on the other hand is a complete computer on the go. You can add up to 64 GB of books on its i-Book format and read as many titles as you want. You can use highlighting, bookmarks, focus and dense pixilation and other features on this device as well. Apart from that, you can also watch your favorite movies, connect to the internet, and make word documents and conference with your business partners. It is a computer and not just an EBook reader.

Given the usability of iPad most people have started preferring it over Amazon Kindle. There is however an edge of Kindle over iPad. Amazon is the largest book seller and it offers great discounts for Kindle books. Those who have a profound interest in reading find it more suitable to buy Kindle as they are able to read all of their favorite titles without spending much.

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The Way of the Kindle

Many avid readers out there are becoming more and more attached with their E-reader. What is an E-reader some may be wondering? It is an electronic, hand-held device, though usually bigger than a phone, that you can read your books on. The types of E-reader vary from brand to brand, but I can tell you right now that they all have their own awesome, unique features and I personally don't think that you can go wrong with any of them. Some of the more popular types of E-readers that will be discussed are the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and even the iPhone.

Amazon was among the first to release an E-reader, the Kindle, and it took the world by storm. What is so great about the Kindle is that you feel like you are actually looking at a book, not a computer screen. Unlike many of the others, you can actually take it out into the sun without a glare. Each Kindle is different when it comes to its features, but the Kindle 3G is my favorite. You can surf the Kindle store for new books when connected to your wi-fi or even in areas without internet connection, because it has 3-G. You may be thinking how much does this 3G cost a month? Surprisingly, there is no monthly fee! Once you buy the Kindle, the 3G is yours to use as you please without ever having to make another payment.

Amazon also makes buying books on your Kindle easy and affordable. To buy a book, all you have to do is go to the Kindle store on your device, find a book, and press buy now. Your gift card or credit card that you have registered will be charged and the book will automatically show up in your library. You can even by books from the Amazon website to transfer to your Kindle. To do this, all you need to do is go to their website, log into your account, search the book that you are looking for, and Amazon will give you lots of options of types of books. Once you see the Kindle version, just push buy now and the book will again automatically show up in your library once your Kindle has internet connection. This comes in handy also when pre-ordering books. If you pre-order a book, the book will automatically go into your library right at midnight when the book is released! No more standing in long lines to get that next Twilight book, for you will be sitting comfortably at home reading before anyone can get their hands on it.

Another great aspect of the Kindle is that you can share libraries. For instance, if all of your family members have a kindle, you can all log in under the same account and share books, that way everyone doesn't have to be buying new ones. It also doesn't even matter if you live together. Your family can be countries away and all share the same library. That would be impossible to do with real books! When it comes to your friends, you may not want them logged into your Amazon account but there is a way that you can share with them too. Depending on the book, you will be able to lend it to them. All you have to do is enter their Amazon user name and it will be transferred to them for their reading enjoyment. Worried that they won't give it back? No need to be, because Amazon will automatically send your book back to you after 10 days. If they weren't done reading it yet, just send it back to them.

The Kindle also features books that are a lot cheaper than many of the books out there. They run weekly specials of books for only 99 cents, so keep an eye out for those because it changes every week. Also, almost all of their other books come at some sort of a discount. When you purchase your book, the Kindle will list what the market price is for that book, how much you will get it for, and the percentage that you are saving. So basically you are buying books at a discount and then sharing them with everyone else. Does it get much better than that?

Amazon also has a Kindle app for those of you that are still not convinced to go buy your very own Kindle. This app will work on many devices including the iPad, iPhone, Androids, Blackberrys', and many more. By downloading this Kindle app, you can get all the great benefits that Amazon has to offer without purchasing a new device. The purchasing of the books works the same with being able to buy either on your device or the Amazon website. You also still have the same great lending and sharing features that you would on the Kindle.

For the lovers of the iPad, Amazon has also recently released the Kindle Fire that is an E-reader and a tablet combined. With this E-reader, you can read books like before, but when you're done, you can continue to surf the web, play games, watch videos, and even do homework. You get the same great features of the iPad, but you pay hundreds, yes hundreds, dollars less!

Overall, if you like to read, then the Kindle would be a great product for you. They have many makes and models to support what you would want to use it for and they are extremely price affordable in their devices as well as their books. I know personally that my Kindle is basically glue to my hands because I love it so much. If you don't want to make the leap of buying a new device, at least check out the Kindle App. It is free and will allow you to read your favorites. For more information on the Kindle, or to buy one (which you should) you can go to many websites including Amazon and Best Buy.

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How To Format Your EBooks For Amazon's Kindle

If you're not using Amazon Kindle already to establish yourself as a trusted author, you really should be. It's a great way to build authority and brand yourself as an expert. The only downside of Kindle is that it's a little bit tough to get the formatting just right.

Now I've written a number of articles about the power of Kindle and the its benefits - remember there are authors who've literally sold millions of Kindle books, one who hit the headlines a few months back - over a million copies in 1 year at only 99cents. Not much I hear you say, but that guy netted over $330,000 and just think about the viral exposure he got -what do you think will happen the next time he publishes a book on Kindle? It's not rocket science, so get involved...

The easiest way to do it is to upload the document directly to Kindle Direct Publishing. The site is Once this is done correctly, your book can be viewed on Kindle devices and any device with a Kindle app. This includes PC's, Macs, Androids, Blackberry phones, iPhones, and iPads.

Formats Kindle Accepts

Kindle will accept several different formats:

- Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx)

- ePub (.epub)

- Plain text (.txt)

- HTML (.htm,.html

- Adobe PDF (.pdf)

- Rich Text Format (.rft)

- MobiPocket (.mobi or.prc)

While lots of folks naturally choose to upload Microsoft Word documents directly to Kindle, I'd advise against this. The reason is that there's extra coding in Word documents that the Kindle reader can't handle. What this code will do is mess up your formatting completely. Your graphics will be screwed up and your fonts misaligned.

I recommend using Rich Text (.rft) or plain text (.txt) because neither have any extra code that can make things difficult for the Kindle reader.

Images In Your Books

Pictures have to be in .jpg format. They should be aligned in the center only. Don't copy and paste them into your document; they should be inserted directly. Currently, the Kindle device itself only shows images in grayscale, but devices with Kindle apps can show full color.

Other Formatting Considerations

- No headers or footers

- No bullet points

- No strange characters that the device might not be able to read

- Bold, italics and indentations are alright

- Add a page break at the end of each chapter or they'll all run together

- Use 'indent' under Paragraph Settings instead of tab key if you want to indent

I suggest making the table of contents at the very end of your Kindle formatting. The reason is that the page numbers will be different than those of your original document. It looks pretty weird to have an incorrect table of contents, so do this as a last step and make sure it's right.

Before you upload, you should also scroll through the book slowly one last time looking for anything funny. Be on the lookout in particular for funny page breaks or tabs that you forgot to take out.

Using MobiPocket Creator

Another option that makes formatting a heck of a lot easier is to use MobiPocket Creator. This is a free program you can get from that converts HTML files into .prc, which is an eBook format. It turns your HTML file directly into Kindle-ready eBooks, which means one more step (converting.doc file to HTML, then HTML to .prc) but eliminates a lot of the formatting hassles.

Once you publish your first Kindle eBook, you'll get a feel for which files work best for you. Just don't get frustrated if you have to do a little re-formatting. It becomes second nature after a while. And if you're going to be publishing a lot (which you should be!), it's well worth it to download MobiPocket Creator because it makes it much easier.

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Amazon Kindle DX - 3 Reasons You Should Get It

There are so many reasons why one should purchase the Amazon Kindle DX, but all that anyone really needs is perhaps 3 really good reasons to do so. Here are three really great reasons for purchasing this e-book reader versus any others which may be currently available today:

1) The Amazon Kindle DX is lightweight and very portable. It can hold up to 3,500 e-books, magazines and newspapers in one small and easy to operate device; try carrying around that many printed books everywhere that you go.

2) The device is completely wireless and never needs to be connected to a personal computer. It features the integrated "whispernet" technology which allows you access to the World Wide Web to download new books, magazines and even to gain access to blogs and the all-important site, Wikipedia. It is perfect for anyone who is studying.

3) The price is right when you factor in all of the included features of the unit which includes a patented viewing screen that will automatically rotate when the device is; and mimics the look of actual paper. It can handle PDF files natively and can even play MP3 and AAC audio files. It allows you to view your photographs and can even read a book to you.

It really is amazing just how much stuff can actually be packed into such a small device. So while you are out shopping for that perfect e-book reader, then look no further then the amazing little Amazon Kindle DX, the epitome of e-book readers currently available on the market today. While you could always opt for something a little bit cheaper, you will be losing many of the great benefits which can only be found built into the Kindle standard as basic features which makes this particular device the must-have item on anyone's list this year.

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Is Amazon Already Testing Its New Kindle Smartphone?

Rumors have been swirling that a new Kindle smartphone could be on the horizon. Unfortunately, there haven't been any official announcements from Amazon yet.

Rumors about a Kindle smartphone first appeared last week when it was discovered that Amazon was collecting smartphone-related patents. Most tech experts suspected, from the evidence given, that a Kindle smartphone was in the early stages of development.

However, a recent report has suggested that the Kindle smartphone is much farther along in the development cycle than a lot of people anticipated. In fact, the company might be ready to start testing the phone this week. These rumors come from the Wall Street Journal, which is a pretty reputable source as far as tech industry news is concerned.

The WSJ report can be found on their site but it basically states that Amazon is about to start testing the device this week, if it hasn't starting testing them already. Mass production of a Kindle smartphone could begin later this year. Some predict the phone could arrive in time for the holiday season, while others think we'll have to wait for early 2013 to get our hands on the so-called 'Kindle Phone'.

When it comes to Kindle Phone specifications, the rumors get a lot vaguer. Some people say the screen is between 4 and 5 inches, but nobody is really sure. Any information about the processor and other hardware specifics is currently unknown.

If Amazon does enter the smartphone market, it will do so at a time where it faces stiff competition. Apple's iPhone 5 is currently in development and it could be released just before the Kindle Phone, undermining smartphone users who were just looking to upgrade.

Standing out from the crowded smartphone market could be difficult for Amazon. But if they can replicate the success of the Kindle - and bring their cheaper, more accessible online store to the world of smartphones - then their flagship phone will certainly have a fighting chance.

I find the idea of a Kindle smartphone intriguing. It seems like it could be a great win for Amazon, as they continue to try to compete with Apple in the tech space. To me their next step would be some sort of laptop; that way you could actually have a seamless integration across platforms like you can have with Apple. Lots of folks have an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook - why not a Kindle phone, Kindle Fire, and Amazon laptop?

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